Feb 4, 2024

Introducing MilkStraw AI

Introducing MilkStraw AI

Jawad Shreim - Alberto Espinosa

Why are we doing this?

When we were building our previous AI hedge-fund, we faced the problem blowing our money on cloud infrastructure.

We had a high-demand for AI training and a lot of testing and iterations. We were complaining all the time about the bills, and we've been frustrated with this ever since.

More recently, as a we started building MilStraw AI, we were doing some services building AI models (startup life) and that cloud bill was always brutal. We were forwarding the charge to our customers but wow it was painful to explain the high cost. Over and over again we had to deal with cloud bills slapping us in the face.

We became obsessed with the idea of solving this problem once and for all.

We are starting off by targeting a big boy, EC2 instances, which are always a top 5 line item on cloud bills.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

What problem are we solving?

We're building a Cloud optimization platform, and we're starting off with AWS and specifically EC2.

The idea is for you to build without having to worry about cloud costs.

Think of it as a next-generation cloud optimization.

Why now?

The world has been going through tough financial times. Funding is drying up, companies are firing people left and right. When you look at all the biggest costs companies have, you'll notice that they all have cloud as the biggest or second biggest cost.

Because cloud optimization is notoriously hard and takes a long time, it's common to see them resort to firing people because they can see the impact immediately. We want to change that.

We need to stop optimizing cloud like 2010 and rethink how cloud optimization can be done in 2024 and beyond.

AI for example is an insanely powerful tool, We will use it to optimize and recommend changes that can have immediate impact on the bill.

Cloud optimization needs a revamp. A renovation. Modernized for the way we build today.

Our philosophy?

At the core of what we are building are 3 pillars we want to abide by:

  • Non technical optimization

  • AI powered

  • Supaaaa FAST impact

Join us

We're creating an elite team of builders to build something special here, and we can't wait for you to try it out.

Save money today: app.milkstraw.ai